Movie Review: Kaalakaandi, a stew of well-timed punches

Kaalakaandi is psychedelic, witty, cheerful, disjointed, and overall a movie that would leave you wanting more of this kind of cinema in a flood of cliched movies.


Laughing Memes

-Hari Tejas Today we are exposed in a world of media where  a lot of chaos are happening.  The digital walk way of life has made everything easy to access as fast as possible.The way of life is also changed by social media by its influence in every walkways of life. Memes have now become…Read more Laughing Memes

Villains?? Maybe it is debatable

-Vipin Bhalla There are heroes who have a dark side. But there is a genre less explored-“villains as protagonists”. Here are a few interesting ones.  Megamind Source: He saves his city from a threat he created, almost dying in the act. Uses language in the weirdest way possible (he is not to be blamed). And…Read more Villains?? Maybe it is debatable