Book Review- Vendor Of Sweets


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-Suviral Shukla

The Vendor of Sweets by R K Narayan

Life is full of happiness, surprises and expectations. Do you have any expectations from anyone? Or how would you feel if your father failed to meet your expectations? Are you angry? Sad? If you are humiliated and frustrated by your own father, then you are judging him wrong.

If you wish to apologise to your father for your bad behaviour towards him, then read this book.

The vendor of sweets is a family fiction drama between a son and his father.

Jagan ,  a patriot and  nature-lover , is a widower. He is blessed with a son who betrays his lifelong expectations.

Jagan owns a sweet shop which is well-known in the entire village. Though his sweet shop earns him enough money to live a luxurious life, he prefered being realistic  and simple.

He is that kind of a person who is devoted towards “mother earth”. He loves to inform people about nature through his book which is yet to published. He is a follower of Gandhi and often describes his own initiative in the freedom movement.

The book opens in Jagan’s sweet shop where Jagan’s cousin is waiting for jagan to complete his morning prayers.  They both begin their conversation about conquering taste. Sooner ,the discussion turns on phylosphy and life lessons but ends discussing about Mali’s future.

One fine morning, Mali comes up  with an idea of ending his studies and going America to learn Writing styles. Mali aspires to become a writer and accordingly plans it  without informing his father.

Jagan wants to handover his sweet shop in his son’s hand so that he can die peacefully serving for the betterment of nature.  Jagan , on hearing this thoughtful impression of his son felt confused and encapsulated. He then reminded his son about fight for independence and how he withdrew the education system and burned the books to support the great Swadesi Movement.

Jagan don’t want Mali to step into his father’s footsteps in the case of education because according to Jagan, there is no valid point for Mali of leaving studies and going abroad.

He suggests Mali to learn about Indian culture, festival, history rather than reading about American Revolution. Jagan expects lot from Mali but Mali’s attitude towards his devoted father always make feel like a looser.

Late R.K Narayan is renowned author who is famous for his simplicity in his stories. Malgudi days book is one of his best-selling novels alongwith a Television series which was also a big hit.

The vendor of sweets is a down to earth story made with lots of realistic characters which potrays an emotional image in the minds of the readers. Readers can relate the story with their own life experiences and social issues happening around them.

In my point of view, this book triggers me to recall about my childhood days which I spent with my father. After reading the book, as a reader , I was thinking about father’s who faced disappointment by their son but never opposed as they were afraid of losing them.


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