Inspired By Action Destroyed In Love

-Suviral Shukla



Remember the days when we used to day-dream about action heroes,  elusive agents and detectives.  Guys in their 20ss, used to behave like a rough n tough guy , trying to potray themselves as one of their favourite character in their real life. People were happy and used to enjoy their young age in rage, action, speed, passion,etc. Sometimes , these fictionary characters are woven in such a way that they starts to flatter us by our own image as them.

But, eventually that likeness turned into Love, Affection, Romance , etc by some romantic flicks and our day dreaming turns into a nightmare of relationships, breakups,etc.

Now is the time when Guys in their 20ss are too much involved in building up the life which they may be or may not be enjoying  after six to eight years i.e Love,marriage , kids, family . A recent news about a 22 years old guy setting ablaze himself along with the girl whom he loved , both succumed to death, this all happened also because of the infatuation created in that guy because of the love potraying movies. According to the United Nation reports , from the year 2012 to 2016, the percentagae of students(School and college both ) commiting suicide have grown tremendously .

Its not bad to love , but first try to build up yourself both financially and physically then move up your love story to final level. Movies shown in the above tiled show might help you to recall your childhood memory of your most amazing and action oriented movie.


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