By Anu Parthiban 

Chembra, the Chamber of success.



Oh MAN, I feel out of the world! this is how you will exclaim when you reach the top of Chembra peak, Wayanad.

It’s easy to climb down hill, but the journey uphill is always hectic. The heart-shaped lake on top of the peak adds more wonder naming it as ‘love lake’. The soothing breeze and the green blanket that covers the land till the end of your eye sight make us realize, greenery is alive here.

The feeling of nothingness and the elated sense of achieving something. That very moment when smile and tear comes together. That’s how I felt when I reached the top of highest peak of Wayanad,Chembra (2,100m above sea level).



The start was an enthusiastic as usual, as I climbed forward the wet roots where slippery and I had to be more conscious not to rely on the roots. 13 June, 2016 was the day when I set forward to trek Chembra. Though the guide said rainy season is not the ideal time to trek, but I enjoyed the danger. As I climbed further the down pour was heavy making it difficult to trek.

The passion to climb and to reach the peak is the only goal of an adventure lover. Almost half the way around 1000m above sea level your leg starts giving up, energy drains, the wet cloth makes u feel like you are carrying one more and walking, each step hard to take. That is when I reached the most feminine place, beauty carved out as the breeze gently pass by. I was now walking through grass which were almost tall till my shoulder.

Enjoying the walk through the grass, the breeze set my dress dry making it easy for me to climb further. as you near the peak, you see get to see the love at the peak “love lake”. Love is a sweet poison, so is the love lake. They possess poisonous snakes in them.

As you near the peak, all your energy gets back to you to shout on top your voice how you madly fall for nature at the first sight. The feel of achieving your goal is undefinable.When words become meaningless and smile is all that you have to express. Yes, I conquered the highest peak of Wayanad.More than that I realized climb up the obstacle, be cool, set a goal and don’t rely on any. Set forward and the nature will definitely bring what you expect SMILE.


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