Trump Vs US , Victory as a Price

– Suviral Shukla


Pic Credits : Reuters

Victory for current President Donald Trump might end up a failure. States citizens are not ready to patronize with their President’s way of arranging international matters. This kind of Anti-egalitarian policy implemented by President Trump creates an expected action reaction in the people around the globe.

United States President Donald Trump laid out an order temporarily banning individuals from seven Muslim-majority nations from traveling to the U.S .

The former U.S President Barack Obama shows his concern over Pres.Trump’s new policy about immigration by marching out a protest against it.

Election Protests Washington

Pic Credits : AP

“The president [Obama] fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion,” a spokesman for Obama said.

An expected governing style by President Trump was not a surprise for the people of US as they were already prepared for a long walk(protest) . Sometimes I got a fishy feeling about the winning of Pres. Trump because Mrs. Clinton was the evergreen option of the citizens .

For further info. click on the link : Trump called Muslim Ban


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