-Hari Tejas

Today we are exposed in a world of media where  a lot of chaos are happening.  The digital walk way of life has made everything easy to access as fast as possible.The way of life is also changed by social media by its influence in every walkways of life. Memes have now become a new way of creating laugh in a visual treat sense. The memes making sites are very active and gaining more popularity day by day.

Memes may comment on any issues relating to political, socio-economical and even personal life of eminent people. The recent trend in social media are the memes which were bold to criticize some burning topics. These memes got really popular especially after the announcement of demonetization early november


The amount of memes in social media, especially in Facebook, is a tool for opinion creation also.The psychological  influence of memes on society in creating public opinion is yet to be a topic of research.


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