Simply Superb

-Vipin Bhalla

Humans have always tried to explain things beyond their own capacity. Most cultures around the world explained it with the concept of God. God was a figure that a person could depend on when the world gave-up on that person. But, certain developments in the late 19th and early 20th century changed things and the importance of god took a plunge. But something else happened during the same time. Superrr… I’ll come to that later

Concept of evolution



Imagine yourself being in 1850s Europe. You believe in the creation theory, of you being special. That God created you. And all of a sudden, a chap comes and tells you – “you are mistaken old friend, you evolved from an ape like animal. God never created you.” In other words, challenging the existence of God.

Then Freud baba comes



Use your time machine and come ahead to 1915 we will meet Freud baba. He will enlighten us with his theories. Or leave it, he is bit cranky. I will tell you what he said. He told that you don’t know about a major part of your brain. He called it the unconscious. Your dreams; they don’t come out of the blue, it’s your unconscious brain playing with you. Basically, your hidden feelings that you were trying to hide from the world they come out through your unconscious part of the brain. So, everything comes out of your brain- Gods, ghosts, stories etc. now you know the power of human brain to create.

Man, starts creating



It was in the early 20th century that man really came to know about its power to create. They started creating cars, bikes, guns, bombs, atomic bombs and so on…

Then things took a turn. And results started becoming disastrous.

World war



In our frenzy of creation, we created war too. After the world war we got to know not only our power to create but also the extent to which we could destroy. And even God is not there to help.

All we needed was a role model now. A person who could personify all the “good”. Just like God did.

*Enters the Superhero*



A super hero became a figure that could not be attached to a religion. They commit mistakes which makes them more humane, a figure that humans can connect to. They became our role models. A persona that could do things that we couldn’t. Do good even in the worse of conditions. A modern god.


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