– Anu Parthiban


Wish to be in heaven?? Here is where you should land… Idukki, the second largest district of Kerala, attracts tourist with its rugged mountains and forest covering 97 percent of the district.


view from Shulapara,Idukki

Traveling the serpentine ways by KSRTC will make you realize the exact height above sea level. The natural beauty which is diminishing elsewhere is maintained or rather the nature protects itself across the Western Ghats. The normal sunny weather turns the cooler up as you move deep into the ranges. Anything of metal will make you realize how cold the weather is. The nights are cold enough for you to sneak in two blankets but not colder than in December. Where ever you go in Idukki do not miss the sunrise and sun set, which paints the shades of green. All nature lovers ought to check out the early morning dew drops on the tea leaves and you get to see your breath during dawn.


Apart from the usual tourist spot, ‘Kurushimala’, ‘Shulapara’ is a theist place which makes you feel like island surrounded by mountains. Ramakalmedu, a 15 km drive from Nedumkandam is a hill station that tourist must explore and jot in their priority list, if you were to appreciate the real blue and green combination of nature. The 3400 m above sea level hill station stands apart from other tourist spots giving you two different angles of a single view point. A hill top view gives you the landscape of the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu. The breeze turns too stronger a wind as you reach the top of the hill. Though a rough trek to the peak, you conquer the mountains only when you touch the rod at the second peak. The realization of how small we and our inventions are, lead us to the applause the nature’s beauty. Few minutes of meditation at the peak will fetch you a life time experience.


Periyar Tiger Reserve, Idukki.

The Periyar tiger reserve is also a major tourist spot in Thekkady, which attracts family and kids equally. Boating here has become highly in demand that tourist book the tickets online which makes the others compete for the same. The beauty of Periyar River and the artificial lake built by the Mullaperiyar Dam adds to the wish list of the tourist. Gavi is the place for tourists who prefer adventure, off road drive and night camp amid the forest to experience the wilderness and to check out the taste of the traditional food.

Though the place gets crowded with tourist from round the world, the traffic block doesn’t create much of a nuisance. The ambience of the place is never disturbed even during heavy tourist blocks. The silence and calmness of nature teach us what we exactly mess up with in cities. True! Nature is a best teacher. The drizzle when back to home arouses the wanderlust and makes us carve for the place making us romantic poets. Back again to the cities as we shut the rest of the world with ear-plugs on, we still wonder the magic touch of the nature and exclaim heaven- step aside! Here is a place you will envy.


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