Watching a Bollywood was really exciting as a kid. The hero doing his heroic acts entertained us. But Then we were introduced to Hollywood. With it came the realization that our movies are inspired from them. we got Used to comments like ” this is copied from Hollywood”. Here are few movies in Hollywood which got inspired from the Desi ones.

A Common Man – A Wednesday

Both the movies show a common-man take up the job which the authorities were supposed to do. Where Legendary Ben Kingsley takes the role done by one of the finest actors in India, Naseeruddin shah.



Win A Date With Tad Hamilton – Rangeela

Inspired from Ram Gopal Verma’s Rangeela, a small town girl wins a contest. She wins dates adate with a movie star. It ultimately ends up in a love triangle between the girl, her best friend and the actor.


Kill Bill – Aalavanthan

Quentin Tarantino himself admited to Anurag Kashyap that he was inspired from Aalavanthan. In the english version they use gross action scene with similar affcts as in Aalavanthan.



Pearl Harbor – Sangam

A pilot apparently dies in war, but he is missing in reality. His girl falls in love with his best friend. In case of Pearl Harbour the friend is also a pilot. When their love story is in the runway, ready to take-off, the dead comes back. again goes on to make the same old love triangle between tyhe pilot, his girl and his best friend.








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