Captain Cool!

–  Irfan


A saffocatingly congested Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on that anxiety filled night of April 2,2011, was on its toes as the helicopter shot from the powerful bat of Mahendra Singh Dhoni slashed the air high in the sky. It was really a moment when the history was in the making. It was an another precious gift from the captain cool after the maiden trophy of ICC T.20 world cup for the men in blue and the country.

M.S Dhoni, into whose hand the much sought for baton of the captaincy of team india was handed over after Saurav Ganguly, was literally cool in his appearance but really hot in his visions. He really had the fire that flickered in his mind and body which helped the flame of Indian cricket blaze with more light and shining. He was successful in maintaining the zest and zeal of the cricket throughout his career.

The keeper cum batsman from Ranchi, Jharkhand, added the first feather to his captain title leading India to nab the maiden T.20 trophy after a breath taking match against Pakistan. The South African tour of the Indian team displayed no more victory expectations as it was after a disappointing failure in the ICC world cup of the same year. But Dhoni showed no signs of the lack of experience in the captaincy, instead he remained cool and led his team into the flower bed paths of victory.

And now, quite disappointingly for the Indian cricket fans, the captain cool has decided to step down from the captaincy. He will no more lead the team India in O.D.I and T.20. We can believe that, like his all other decisions, this also is a right one taken in the right time. We respect him for making way for generation after him. With no exaggeration, he was a man with a Midas touch.


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